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At Emblem Bonsai, we focus on building quality bonsai from the roots up.

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About Us


Opened in 2017, Emblem Bonsai is owned by Mike and Ramona Blom. With an emphasis on quality, Mike’s bonsai are backed by 27 years of experience.

Emblem Bonsai produces bonsai and pre-bonsai for every level of bonsai enthusiast. Rather than creating bonsai that simply look good from a distance, we focus on the fine points of bonsai development in order to build a quality tree that can be displayed with pride by its new owner.


We’re not “cookie cutter”

At Emblem Bonsai, we are constantly trying new techniques to ensure that our trees are unique and inspiring.


Value is important to us.

In addition to our desire to provide a great value to our customers, we also greatly value our customers. We will consistently strive to offer a great product for the price and to conduct valuable programs at the nursery.


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